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Choosing my first DSLR

The beginning of my adventure into the world of digital photography was triggered by many things, which meant I wanted to upgrade my camera. But why? and to what? and did I really need to?

Why upgrade?

I felt I had reached the limits of my wonderful Sony P100. I’d begun exploring the manual mode and become frustrated with the lack of control. I felt like I needed some impetus to get me taking better photographs, the images were good from the Sony but with hindsight they were no better than average snap shots. You can see one of the photos in my last post. Basically I knew I had out grown it and wanted something new and exciting to stimulate my hobby.

Why a DSLR?

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Welcome to my blog

I am an amatuer photographer living in Sheffield, England. My blog will detail my photography journey, from fumbling beginer to, hopefully one day, competant and knowledgeable photographer

By sharing my experince hopefully I can help every one else with the same goals and maybe, just maybe impart some of the knowledge I have leaned

If you have any questions or comments about the blog then why not email me.
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