Why does this blog exist? Its a place to share everything I have learned as I try to improve my photography and post processing skills

Who are you? I’m Fletch

Wow that’s interesting, any more? I’m from England and I like taking photographs.

Can I see some of these photographs? You sure can ,just click on this link. Athough I should post that link like this “James Fletcher on Flickr” if I ever want people to find me on google!

Welcome to my blog

I am an amatuer photographer living in Sheffield, England. My blog will detail my photography journey, from fumbling beginer to, hopefully one day, competant and knowledgeable photographer

By sharing my experince hopefully I can help every one else with the same goals and maybe, just maybe impart some of the knowledge I have leaned

If you have any questions or comments about the blog then why not email me.
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