London baby – The most photogenic city on earth

Appart from maybe Hong Kong!

Shortly after I got my new camera I had to go to London and it turned out I had the whole morning in the city by myself to go where I wanted and shoot for as long as I wanted to, excellent. This really is a great way to shoot, no time constraints, no frowns from everyone else as you take another photo of the same thing over and over. A real opportunity to take some time to consider my shots and come up with something good.

London is also a fantastic city to shoot in, so many varied oportunities and subjects to shoot. Unfortunately it ws a really overcast day but oh well. I decided on an agenda that would take me to as many locations as possible to make the most of my time, if I was able to more often I would probably try to spend more time in each location but needs must. I decided my iteneray would be to start off by getting the tube to St. Pauls Cathedral and walking down over the Milenium Bridge to the Tate Modern. St. Pauls and the Milenium Bridge provide some great cityscape vistas, the Tate modern is also a stricking buliding but my main reason for this was to visit the large exhibition they had in the main room.

St Paul's Storm

St. Pauls and Millenium Bridge


Salcedo's Shibboleth (Big fake crack in Tate Modern Floor for the uneducated like me!)

From the Tate I walked all the way along the embankment towards Westminster. There I was able to shoot Big Ben (not literally as that is not the name of the tower but the bell its self) and the Houses of Parliment (along with some red buses!) and the Millenium Wheel.

Westminster Bridge

Houses of Parliment and some London Buses

Millenium Wheel B+W

Millenium Wheel

After the wheel it was off back home via the tube. This provided one last oportunity to grab some motion blurry shots of the trains entering the station.


Bank Tube Station

It was a great day and a really good route that allowed me to see loads of famous landmarks and get some great photo ops. I’m quite happy with some of the photos given how bad the light was. If you want to follow the route there is a map of it here. It would aslo be really easy to see loads of extra sites if you had an extra hour, with this route you could add in the tower of london, tower bridge and the gherkin

2 Responses to “London baby – The most photogenic city on earth”

  1. 1 Mike Duggan 13 August 2009 at 3:55 pm

    Excellent piece on London. I have been to London a few time and have fallen in love with it’s charm and beauty. Some excellent images.

  2. 2 Max 8 December 2010 at 5:36 am

    I think San Francisco has London beat.. Personally.

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