Auto ISO – Arrrhhh

One of the first settings I changed on my camera was the Auto ISO setting. In my opinion it is one of the most anoying things the camera can fiddle with. It never seems to get the correct setting and you only ever notice after its too late. But what prompted me to make this change you ask? This…

Rivelin 1

I had gone down to the river near my house and I was trying to get some motion blury water shots. This meant closing down my apeture to its smallest setting f/22 to achive the lowest shutter speed I could get. However it was only when I got home I discovered that because of auto ISO most of the shots had been shot at ISO 400 lossing me loads of shutter speed that I wanted to show blur. The auto ISO for the shot above had selected 200 for some reason but it is somewhat overexposed as I was trying to stretch the shutter speed as far as it would go.

Lesson learned. I now leave my ISO set to 100 and only adjust it manually when I know I need to due to the aperture and shutter speed settings I want to achive not being possible at 100.

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