Motion Blur

Motion blur is one of my favourite effects when shooting digital photographs. When it all comes together it can look really spectacular. Done well it can look like a very difficult shot to achive but in reality it’s not that hard a process. In my next post I get into some detail about how to control motion blur with shutter speed but before that here are two of my favourite motion blur shots and some details about how I took them.

I took this shot in the London Underground. I was trying to capture the speed of the train approaching the station. Set the camera to ISO 100 and f/22 to acive the slowest shutter speed I could, I ended up with 1.6s which is more than enough to capture the blur. Tripods are not allowed on the tube so I crouched down against the wall and balanced the camera on my knee to keep it steady. Using the continuous drive on my camera I gently squezed the shuter as the train approached, taking 3 or 4 photos. The shot above was the best one.

Balcony @ The Peak
I took this shot at the peak lookout in Hong Kong. Everyone down below had their compact cameras out and were trying to get photos of the view, however without a tripod all they will have been getting was blured shots of the harbour. I wanted to show this in my photo along with the night scene everyone was trying to capture. I set my tripod behind all of the crowds on a higher level. Selected ISO 100 to minimise noise and f/8 to maximise sharpness of the lens. I didn’t need to worry about depth of field due to the hyperfocal distance meaning evrything was in focus. This gave me a sutter speed of 10s. Took a few shots to get differing movement in the crowd.

If you like the photos or are curious about shutter speed and motion blur I’ll get to that in my next post.

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