Hong Kong

The second time I was able to use my shinny new DSLR was on a business trip to Hong Kong. Great I thought, spectacular cityscapes with which to try out my new found camera skills! It didn’t live up to expectations.

First of all it was a business trip which meant I wasn’t going to get any time to myself. Obviously most of the time I was in the office but even when your not at work your working on a trip like this. Secondly my new found camera skills where not all they were cracked up to be! I managed to sneak a small ammount of time while the rest of the party were having pre dinner drinks to get down to the waterfront at the harbour. I had ten mins in one of the most spectacular locations in the entire world and this is all I could come up with!

Hong Kong Skyline

What did I do wrong?

  • I didn’t take my time – I rushed and didn’t think about the shots, probably because I was only there for a limited time. Trying to fire of as many shots as I could to ensure I got one rather than taking a few more considered attempts
  • I didn’t keep the camera steady – I only have a very ropey small tripod that I bought from the market. Not good when it’s quite windy and you are rushing! The sharke is quite visible in this shot even at a small resolution.
  • Tried to be too clever – I had in my mind that the skyline would make a spectaular paoramic shot. I’m sure it would but in trying to capture it meant I didn’t get a single well composed normal shot. I also had it in mind that I could use HDR so I tried to bracket every shot. Rushing and shaking meant these shots were all useless to.
  • I did shoot in RAW which was a good thing but when I converted this file to JPG I got the white ballance all wrong.

I’ve subsequently gone back to a few shots and had a go a rescuing them with better PP but the problems above have meant they are still very ropey.

    IFC Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Harbour

Oh well, leasons learned for next time.

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