Too good to be true?

I described in a previous post the process of choosing my new camera, A DSLR. The most important part of this process being to hold it in your hand. This obviously meant going to a shop that sold it but that didn’t mean I needed to buy it from there. So I hit the internet again. This time trying to find the best price.

I decided to rule out eBay as I didn’t want to run the risk of getting ripped off or ending up with a used camera so I narrowed it down to reputable retailers, both online and actual bona fide shops. I searched purely on price and the cheapest deal I could find was on Amazon. I’d bought loads of stuff on there before and never had any issues; they were a big name player and had a good reputation so I decided to go ahead with them.


What I didn’t realise until I got to the check out was that the deal was through the Amazon marketplace. This was effectively like eBay, what I didn’t want to do. However I was hooked on the low price now, I checked the seller’s feedback and all seemed okay so I clicked through. Everything seemed OK. I received a confirmation email with a parcel tracking number which was when things started to look fishy. The parcel was coming from Hong Kong. Oh bugger.

When it arrived it looked OK, all the lens and accessories were in place and the camera was new with a UK plug on it. However there was one crucial thing missing, the genuine Olympus guarantee. I was livid as I felt like I had been scammed. I immediately emailed the seller and much to my annoyance received an automated response. The next day I finally got a response saying the camera was a genuine UK spec camera and I was covered by the sellers guarantee, a blatant lie. What made the situation worse was that the email was sent a 2am UK time in pigeon English claiming to be from a UK based company, clearly another lie. It took another 5 emails and 7 days, with me having to threaten to get Amazon involved before they would refund me. And I still had no camera.

I was going away, to Hong Kong ironically, 5 days later and I wanted to take the camera so I did not want to wait for internet lead times again. I went into my local department store and bought the camera. Job done. I even got the travel kit version which came with a spare battery, case and memory card, bonus and the battery is the best accessory money can buy.

Moral of the story, don’t buy cameras of Amazon Marketplace and be wary of the best deal being too good to be true.

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